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Seals are a caries prevention procedure, to be carried out as soon as the eruption of the first permanent molars inside the oral cavity occurs.

Why exactly the molars? Molars are very exposed to the risk of caries as they have deep internal grooves  where plaque and bacteria can easily nest and form carious lesions.

Therefore the sealing of permanent molars for children is a guarantee for the health of their teeth.

Sealing is a quick, completely painless and extremely advantageous procedure. Considering that the first permanent molars appear in the arch around 6 years of age, the age in which the child has difficulty cleaning these elements correctly for several reasons:

  • Poor manual skills
  • Deep furrows
  • Difficult location to reach

In addition, permanent molars appear at an age in which the consumption of sweets and sugary food is very high.
Consequently, seals are a very important tool in the caries prevention program to maintain the health of the child’s oral cavity.

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