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Dental occlusion and postural control in adults

Neuroscience Letters 450 (2009) 221–224

Corinne Tardieu, Michel Dumitrescu, Anne Giraudeau, Jean-Luc Blanc, Francois Cheynet, Liliane Borel

Postural control is usually described as being based on the visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular systems. Hence, mandible position could have an impact on postural control since it affects the head position. Mandibular proprioception, assisted by the trigeminal nerve and provided by the masticatory muscles and the periodontal ligament [22] [ … ]


Impacted and transmigrant mandibular canines incidence, aetiology, and treatment: a systematic review

European Journal of Orthodontics, 2017

Domenico Dalessandri, Simone Parrini, Rachele Rubiano, Diletta Gallone and Marco Migliorati

Altered tooth eruption in a clinical condition characterized by failure of the tooth to emerge in the appropiate position. This may lead to a tooth impaction, translocation or even trasmigration. Impaction is defined ad the failed eruption of a permanent tooth with a completely deloped root, while the migration of an impected tooth across the midline by more than half of ots lenght is defined as transmigration (1-2)[ … ]


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